You only get one chance to pitch your company to an investor.

Keep these things in mind as “WHAT NOT TO DO” when talking to a potential investor:

1.) Not have a business plan: If you don’t have a business plan, an investor is not going to believe that you are serious about your company.
2.) Saying you have NO competitors: Everyone has competitors. If you don’t have competitors, there may not be a need for your product or service. Keep in mind that competitors may not be direct competitors so look at indirect ones.
3.) Give a “Hearts and Flowers” pitch: Hearts and flowers talks only about the positive aspects of your plan. Remember to bring up the negatives too.
4.) Not being able to support your financial projections: Investors want to know how realistic your projections are and what research you have done to get to your numbers.
5.) Read your slides: There is nothing more boring to an investor than someone who reads directly from their slides.

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