How does Allyn Kent & Associates assist me in raising capital for my business?
Typically, investors do not invest in a company because it “sounds good.” They will want to review the growth strategy of the company including financial projections and the exit strategy. Most likely, they will also want to investigate the experience of the management team and the past performance of the company.

We assist companies with organizing their information into a format that is “investor friendly”. We also assess the strategy and financial projections of the company for deficiencies. In essence, we create a blueprint of your business that investors are seeking.

If necessary, we will also assist you with introductions to parties who may be interested in your business. With your business blueprint in hand, you have the tools to take your company to the next level.

What makes Allyn Kent qualified to assist me with raising capital for my business?
The founders of Allyn Kent are experienced entrepreneurs and have raised capital for their businesses from a variety of sources. Less than 1 in 200 businesses successfully raise the capital needed to develop their organization. Many times this is due to businesses not having a clear plan of action that properly explains their need for capital to an investor.

Why do I need a business plan?
A business plan is the blueprint for a business. It explains why the business exists, how it functions and who is at the helm. It also organizes business owners and keeps them on track to their goal.

If you are raising capital, you may need two business plans.

Why would I need two business plans?
Every successful business has an Operational/Marketing business plan. This plan explains all of the facets of the business and outlines the objectives. If something were to happen to the management team, an outsider would understand the entire business by studying the Operational/Marketing business plan.

However, if you are raising capital, an investor does not need to know how to run your business. They need to know that you are the right person to be leading the company. Therefore, a second business plan is often necessary for raising capital. This plan focuses on the benefit and risks of an investment in your company.

Why do I need financial projections?
• Financial projections tell an investor what they can expect.
• They tell a business owner whether his business is viable or not.
• Financial projections tell you how much money you actually need to raise.

What type of documents does Allyn Kent specialize in?
• Business plan writing and editing
• Strategic planning
• Executive summary
• Financial projections
• Teaser sheets

What type of financial schedules can I expect with an Allyn Kent business plan?
• Balance sheet
• Income statement
• Statement of cash flows
• Use of proceeds

If I hire Allyn Kent to assist me, can you guarantee that I will get the capital I need for my business?
There is no way to guarantee your business will be successful in raising capital. One of the most important elements in raising capital from investors is the experience of the management team. If an investor feels that your team is lacking the skills necessary to grow a business to its fullest potential, it will be very difficult to raise capital.

I can probably write my business plan. Why should I hire Allyn Kent to do it?
• You need to focus on running/developing your business.
• It will take you too many hours
• We work with the investment community and are aware of their changing needs

What is the process I can expect for developing a business plan?
• Meeting with you in person to discuss the strategy of your business and why you need to raise capital.
• Reviewing your existing materials including financials, previous business plans, marketing plans, operational plans.
• Several meetings and discussions with you to understand the details of your business and make sure we are representing the business accurately.
• Developing a draft document
• Developing the financial projections
• Reviewing the drafts documents and getting your input
• Discuss the use of photos, graphs, charts and other graphics in the plan
• Filling in the detail of the document and financial projections
• Reviewing the assumptions with you so that you understand them well enough to discuss the plan with a potential investor.
• Delivering the final documents to you.

Who long will it take to get a business plan once we have our first meeting?
Typically, it takes 6 to 8 weeks to fully develop a business plan. This includes market research and competitor research. A lot depends on you and how quickly we get information from you.

How will my documents be delivered?
You will receive a printed copy of your plan and a digital copy of a thumb drive. Along with receiving a PDF file of your documents on the thumb-drive, you will also receive the documents in their Word or Excel format so that you can make changes if necessary.

Can I pay you with stock in my company?
Typically we do not accept stock as payment for our services.

Are there any other services available through Allyn Kent & Associates?
• Interim and/or fractional CFO services
• Human resource consulting
• Accounting/bookkeeping services